BR-4000 Water Analyzer (COD, BOD for ETP, STP Plant's)

We Baruch Technologies supply an extensive range of high performance water test kits and water quality analysis equipment.

Our instruments are designed and manufactured to the highest international quality standards for guaranteed performance.

  • For Nitrite, Phosphate, Orthophosphate and Fluoride analysis we provide good quality Colorimeter
  • For gas chromatography, VOC analysis, pesticides and other organics we also supply GC.
  • We also provide Online Effluent Moni-toring Instruments for BOD, pH, TSS, COD etc.
  • For analysis of heavy metals, Arsenic and Mercury we also supply AAS. For testing of Na & K we provide Flame Photometer.

Water Analyzers are used to analyze any one of the Parameters of Water Like COD, BOD, NH3, TSS, and Dissolved Gases. We can Manufacture According to the Customer Customization. Single Parameter Water Analyzer is a Self Developed TP Automatic Online Analyzer for Water Quality Analyzer.

Single Parameter Water Analyzer instrument adopts the pulse xenon lamp as a lightweight source, and therefore fiber spectrometer as a detector: is capable of the real-time gathering of the spectrum of water and real-time analysis of the content of water pollutants by means of chemometric algorithm technology.

It can Achieve High Precision Low Detection Limit, High Stability, and Low Maintenance of TP Automatic Online Monitoring. The Product Fully Meets The Application Of Pollution Sources, Industrial Production Process.

Features :

  • Capable for real-time absorption spectrum of water pollutants ranging from 200nm to 800nm
  • Requires no reagents,so it can save operating costs
  • Free from the interference of chloride ion
  • Adopts full-spectrum measurement and chemometric algorithm analysis
Air Monitoring Instruments
Air Monitoring Instruments

Technical Specifications

Measuring Parameters: COD,BOD,UV254,Nirate,TOC,DOC,Turbidity,TSS,etc....
Measuring Range: As Customer required
Method: Uv/visible differential optical absorptions pectros copy, wave length range 200-800nm
Power: 230VAC, 30w
Linearity: 2%F.S
Zero Drift: <1%F.S
Range(COD) o-so-200mg/1, greater range can be customized
Interval: The shor test 60seconds,the cycle can be set
Probes Depth: -
Optical Depth: Can be adjusted according to the site condition
Working Temp: sc-4sc
Enclosure Rating: lp65(secondary instrument)
Auto- Cleaning: can be set
Interface: RS232/RS485(Baud rate can be set),2X4-20 ma output
Probe Size: 60*380.Smm
Probe Size: 5kg