COD Digestor

COD Digester is the most accepted thermo reactor for determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand in various substances. Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) is a measure of the capacity of water to consume oxygen during the decomposition of organic matter and the oxidation of inorganic chemicals such as ammonia and nitrite. COD Digester Measurements are commonly made on samples of waste waters or of natural waters contaminated by domestic or industrial wastes.

Air Monitoring Instruments

Features :

  • Recessed well / Cavity accommodates aluminum insert block.
  • Designed for digestion of COD test samples and multi-function dry bath heating.
  • Precise temperature control from ambient + 5 to 150 c with + 1 oC accuracy.
  • User’s self-compensation functions for temperature to counter for difference between block temperature and sample temperature.
Air Monitoring Instruments